I need help measuring or deciding which corset I need - can I make an appointment with you? 

Please note, although our workshop is not open to the public for corsetry appointments, we are pleased to offer a consultation service to clients worldwide via the Zoom platform - if you'd like to arrange an appointment please get in touch. 


I am biologically male - which corset would work best for me?

We have been creating well-fitting corsets for the trans and crossdressing community for many years - either hourglass or wasp-waist will work well, and we also have a specific listing in our shop for a corset style which we recommend as being a great fit and very durable.  You'll need to provide full measurements, and we are also happy to offer a consultation service should you need assistance with measuring or advice before you order. 


Why should I buy a made to measure corset? 

Why chose made to measure rather than off-the-rack?  Well, an off-the-rack corset is made to 'standard' measurements with usually a 2-4" reduction on the waist.  Let's face it, none of us are 'standard' - we are each unique!  Would you buy a 'one size' underwired bra? Of course not! Imagine what would happen and how it would look if you did - fitting an A cup or a GG cup bust into a D cup bra just does not work, does it?!  Well, wearing a corset that actually fits you properly is just as important as wearing a bra that fits you properly.  If it has the wrong proportions, it's going to be very uncomfortable, and it will never give you the streamlined hourglass look you're after.  


How long will my order take to be made and shipped?

Our current lead time is 6-8 weeks, as all orders are made to measure.  Should you require your order sooner, please contact us before placing an order to see if we can help.


How long will my training corset take to break in?

You should start the process of waist training slowly and gradually.  Never try to achieve your maximum reduction immediately with a brand new corset; this could damage you AND the corset!  Start by lacing the corset to a comfortable reduction, and wearing it like this for a couple of hours at a time.  Gradually increase the amount of reduction and the length of time you remain laced.  Depending on the amount of reduction you have chosen and your natural waist size to start with, it can take years to achieve your goal, but slow and gradual training is the key to a successful regime.

We strongly recommend that you purchase our corset liners to wear underneath your training corset - these protect both the lining of the corset, and your skin, from any damage, and are easily washed by hand or machine.  This also saves having to wash your corset as frequently. For washing instructions please see below.


What type of boning is used in a Heavenly Corset?

Our corsets are all fully steel boned using flexible flat steels, which provide emminently better support for tight-lacing than spirals.


How many bones does a corset contain?

This depends on the style you chose.  Wasp-waists have 2 more panels than the hourglass, and so more boning.  Training spec corsets have more bones than standard spec, containing up to 24 bones, plus busk.


Can I have a corset made from a fabric of my choosing?

Yes, you can supply your own fabric to us, though it is always best to check with us prior to purchase that it will be suitable.


Are there more fabric options than those shown in the item listings?

Yes, additional fabrics can be ordered in specially - duchesse satin, silk dupion and some additional varieties of coutil are available.  Should you be unable to find your chosen colour or design on the item listing please use the 'Other - please specify' option and insert the details in the order Comments Box.

The current Coutil options can be seen on the Shop home page.


How may eyelets are used in each corset?

This, of course, varies with each corset.  Our eyelets are machine, not hand set, and are spaced specifically at 1.25" apart, and 1" apart at the waist. There is VERY good reason for us spacing them as we do!  If eyelets are spaced closer together, the very structure of the corset is weakened because, after all, wherever there is an eyelet there is a HOLE in the fabric of the corset! If eyelets are spaced too closely together the life of the corset will be dramatically shortened, and our corsets are renowned for their durability and long lifespan!


I can't see exactly the corset I want - what should I do?

Our new website is streamlined to make your order process simpler - we can offer a bespoke service at the same reasonable prices - please contact us and we will help.


Do you have a full measurement chart?

Yes, please see the link at the top of the page for Measurement Charts.  You can either email your measurements to us seperately, or simply add them to the order Comments Box.


What happens if I get my measurements wrong?

We do ask that you measure VERY carefully, as due to the made-to-measure nature of our corsets, should you get your measurements wrong we do not accept returns.  To ensure that you measure accurately, please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or are unsure about the measuring process.  Further info can be found on our Sizing & Measuring page.


Is it possible to have more than a 6" reduction?

Yes, more than a 6" reduction is of course possible, however we would only make up such a corset in exceptional circumstances for clients who are accustomed tight-lacers and have already achieved at least a 6" reduction wearable on a daily basis.This amount of reduction can take years of hard work and dedicated tight-lacing to achieve!


Is it possible to pay for my corset in installements?

In exceptional circumstances we will accept a deposit and installment payments on orders.  Orders should not be placed on the website if you require installments; please contact Elle directly to arrange this.


What is the difference between the Hourglass and Wasp-Waist styles?

Hourglass:  reduction is placed all around the waist, allowing a slight curve out over the tummy.  Average length below waist is 6.5" at the front and 4.5" at the side.  Contains a total of 10 panels.  Standard 0.5" busk.

Wasp-waist: reduction is focussed at the sides of the waist to give the dramatic curve over the hips, and has a straight front providing good tummy control.  Average length below waist is 6.5" front and side giving good hip coverage.  Contains a total of 12 panels. Standard 0.5" busk in standard spec, solid wide busk in training spec.

Both styles have a conical shape above the waist and will compress and move the floating ribs.


What is a pipe-stem waist?

This is a section of the corset at the waist which is cut straight, and gives extra definition to the waistline.  It is recommended for experienced lacers only as it can cause additional soreness to the floating ribs whilst accustomising to the stem. Available on training corsets only.


Washing and care instructions

If you look after your corset carefully it will have a long and happy life.  Man made and coutil corsets may be carefully hand laundered.  Silk corsets should be specialist dry cleaned, though the lining can be sponged clean.

To wash your corset, remove the laces entirely, allow to soak for a short time in a gentle hand-washing solution, and rinse thoroughly. To remove excess water roll up the corset and squeeze - you can also roll it up in a towel to help remove the water.  Air dry the corset.

Corset liners may be hand or machine washed - when machine washing pop in a lingerie bag and use a 30 degree synthetics or gentle wash cycle.



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